Tuesday, 11 November 2014


World In Our Hands

An inspirational poem written by me learned from my life.

So big is my planet earth,
Where I took my birth,
I came to feel the power of her,
When my first steps laid on her,
Eventually when i started to grow,
More about my planet i came to know,
Things which we get from nature,
Are provided by her,
She give us everything we want,
But nobody asked her what she want,
Nobody cares about her,
But she treated us as our mother,
She give us land to live,
And want many more things to give,
But stop giving us further,
By seeing our future,
Overusing her gifts she saw,
Fighting with each other and breaking the law,
We are destroying her inner core,
By doing this we are making her to roar,
If I can stop this,
I will definately do this,
But for doing this better,
We have to come together,
Come with me,
and do this freely,
Save the place where you took birth,
Save the planet earth,
Save the planet earth.

written -
Aman Mittal

Monday, 10 November 2014

Simple and Smooth Card House

Build your first Simple Card House

Just need a pack of card and little bit of accuracy and patience.

Terms used in the steps - 
Pyramid - Two Cards pointing inwards , facing against each other.
Roof card - Card placed on the top of two pyramids.

Preference - I prefer using non-slippery-back ,worn out and cheap card because while making the roofs the above pyramid can slip and fall.

Lets get started

Step 1 : Take two cards and join their top edges together to make a shape like pyramid. You can also bend the card from its length part inwards to join corners as they prove to be a good supporter.
( NOTE : Remember the card should not be bended by width or torn as it will lead to be the cause of a great fall.)

Step 2 : Take another two cards and make the same model at distance of  the length of a card.
NOTE : Don't take much distance as it can cause trouble while performing the Step 3 )

Step 3 : Take another card and place it steadily on the top of the structure. This is known as roof card.( NOTE : Remember to leave some space at the edges so that we can make a chain of the cards. )

Step 4 : Now this would be the hardest step . Take another two cards and make the pyramid on the the top of the roof card.

Completed all the steps !!! Congratulations !! You have created your first two floored card house .